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I am SHOCKED that Carver’s “What We Talk About…” only showed up in one anthology??! I feel like [the title] is just so pervasively influential that I truly expected to see it on the first list in 7 or so anthologies. Seriously stunned.
Would love to know how you compiled and sorted all these as I would REALLY love to see a similar project done on titles/authors/publications in the SFF world which–as I hope more LitHub readers will come to know and explore–has a really, really rich history of short fiction. What is going on at present is equally as impressive, as well.
Anway, thanks, Emily for this whole series! Hoping similar stuff happens soon.

A Rose for Emily Theme research papers discuss the major theme of conflict between tradition and change.

William Faulkner A Rose for Emily research papers discuss the story of a women who loved her husband so much she couldn't let him go even in death.

Southern Gothic Literature Research Papers and Essays - The following three works will be examined: A Good Man is Hard to Find, A Rose for Emily, and Good Country People.

William+faulkner+a+rose+for+emily + essays

william+faulkner+a+rose+for+emily + essays


william+faulkner+a+rose+for+emily + essayswilliam+faulkner+a+rose+for+emily + essayswilliam+faulkner+a+rose+for+emily + essayswilliam+faulkner+a+rose+for+emily + essays