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    Transfer Case Problems & Solutions note: these problems are with the design, the issues affect every 55S17W Iveco 4x4,
not just the odd lemon

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(click any image for enlargment)     Read all about it !!! Compleat Idiots Guide to Iveco Daily 4x4 55S17W (buy the book :) Compleat Idiot... First Revision By Don Incoll Book Preview Transfer Case Explained New Information as of December 2016, I made this 10 min video on the point of failure in the Transfer Case , and how the transfer case works. A few owners contacted me to say their transfer cases also failed in High Range, In the video I failed to mention that when the circlip pops out, even in high range with the selector dog against the gear cluster the outer thrust plate can still come forward and the 3 gear pins are free to float forward, dropping their uncaged needle bearings into the cluster, the protuding pin will then be unable to slide back and take out the Low/High selector fork and rod, followed by a runaway train of unrepairable damage. When this happens, and its a matter of when , not if, the Transfer Case is usually so badly damaged that it is unrepairable.     The circlip, Iveco Part number 42567335 , comes out of its groove, weather a manafatruring error or bad design it has nothing to do with driving style, oil levels or type of oil used, the blame lies 100% squarely on SCAM Italy, the Transfer Case designer & manafatruer and Iveco Australia. My contacts have told me Iveco Australia know about the issue and was told that there was a batch of transfer cases made with a groove that was not cut deep enough. To me that is just Iveco Rhetoric, .... My Circlip groove is certainly the correct depth for that size and application, but the circlip at 90,000km was only in the groove by , and could easily be removed just by catching the end and pulling it out without tools. Is is more an incorrect circlip style or size choice in my opinion, but there has been no revision of the circlip by Iveco. How to stop your Transfer Case grenading Anyway , enough polotics, .... how to fix , Bear in mind if you do the mod
to stop your Transfer Case from grenading, you will void your warranty. Thats Irony.  

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Where are you going where have you been essays

where are you going where have you been essays


where are you going where have you been essayswhere are you going where have you been essayswhere are you going where have you been essayswhere are you going where have you been essays