Sanskrit essay on sky

So that others might better comprehend the profound doctrine of the Flower Garland Sutra , Fazang used the metaphor of the Ten Mysteries (Ten Mysterious Gates) to explicate the interconnectedness and inter-causality in the Flower Garland universe. These Ten Mysteries illustrate how seemingly contradictory pairs—the hidden and the manifest, truth and falsehood, the infinite and the infinitesimal, the general and the specific--mutually complement each other and coexist without obstruction. Indra’s net (see below) is one of the Ten Mysteries.

Yeats did not totally reject his early admiration (as Ezra Pound and several others did), and he included some of Tagore's early poems in The Oxford Book of Modern Verse, which he edited in 1936. Yeats also had some favorable things to say about Tagore's prose writings. His censure of Tagore's later poems was reinforced by his dislike of Tagore's own English translations of his work ("Tagore does not know English, no Indian knows English," Yeats explained), unlike the English version of Gitanjali which Yeats had himself helped to prepare. Poetry is, of course, notoriously difficult to translate, and anyone who knows Tagore's poems in their original Bengali cannot feel satisfied with any of the translations (made with or without Yeats's help). Even the translations of his prose works suffer, to some extent, from distortion. Forster noted, in a review of a translation of one of Tagore's great Bengali novels, The Home and the World, in 1919: "The theme is so beautiful," but the charms have "vanished in translation," or perhaps "in an experiment that has not quite come off." 9

11. Help your children to go to school and bless them before they leave home. Go up to the gate for sending them off.
12. Keep punctuality for doing anything. Note down the work to be done in a piece of paper. ‘X’ mark after completing that work. This method saves time and energy.
13. Before food spend a few seconds for silent or group prayer, it activates the salivary gland and also the digestive glands.
14. Keep a smiling face. It reduces BP, cholesterol and adrenalin in the blood.
15. Never think that the life is always positive, it gives strength for facing any incidents. Know that the ‘Positives’ and ‘Negatives’ are temporary.
16. Go to the office/ school/ work place with positive mind and happy mood. Return home if possible at correct time, with a smiling face. Fresh up. Sit with your family and children at least 30 minutes discussing their problems and motivate them. Do, if possible a group prayer or spend ten minutes for prayer after an evening bath. Take atleast one meal a day with all family members. It strengthen family relations give and take love and affection.
17. Appreciate the achievements of your children when they sit for studies in the late evening.
18. Try to go to bed in correct time, which gives the body a biopunctuality.
19. Never keep your head towards north on the bed because the hemoglobin is a magnetic material, which gets blocked in the brain capillary when you sleep lying parallel to the magnetic meridian or earth. It creates headache, irritation, headache etc. Try to avoid south also, if you have enough space to keep your head towards east or west.
20. Before going to bed spend few seconds for prayer on the bed.
21. All prayer/ reading/working should be by keeping the face towards east, for improving the capacity of the brain functioning. This again helps to maintain the heart functioning smooth as the body changes its position from vertical to horizontal.
22. Use your ears, eyes, tongue, mind and functional organs for good purposes…

Sanskrit essay on sky

sanskrit essay on sky


sanskrit essay on skysanskrit essay on skysanskrit essay on skysanskrit essay on sky