Pulp and paper research institute

As an excerpt, here is a finding from archives of Pulp and Paper research dated back to early 2000s, Dr. Krotov from the Ukrainian Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Kiev deviced new design for a machine that can produce pulp from whole stalk hemp and other materials. Hemp is actually a cheapest, by all means, and source for best quality paper cellulose. So it can be used for best and optimum paper making. This has been crucial since its discovery but not paid a good deal of interest in recent times. There are several such issues buried and many are coming into existence. Pulp and Paper Technology shall give importance to everything that is good for Pulp and Paper industry.

With a wide range of applications including packaging, printing and newsprint, the pulp and paper industry is one of the largest worldwide. Despite a decline in publishing due to the rising of digital media, the use of paper is expanding, mainly in packaging and construction sectors. The growth in the pulp & paper manufacturing sector is a drive for the growth of a closely tied market: the pulp and paper chemicals market, which is expected to reach 65 million tons by 2017.

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Pulp and paper research institute

pulp and paper research institute


pulp and paper research institutepulp and paper research institutepulp and paper research institutepulp and paper research institute