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When the Ministry was taken over by the puppet Minister Pius Thicknesse, and infiltrated by the Dark Lord's followers, Dolores was in her true element at last. Correctly judged, by senior Death Eaters, to have much more in common with them than she ever had with Albus Dumbledore, she not only retained her post but was given extra authority, becoming Head of the Muggle-born Registration Commission, which was in effect a kangaroo court that imprisoned all Muggle-borns on the basis that they had ‘stolen’ their wands and their magic.

He received an Outstanding on his Defense Against the Dark Arts OWL and Exceeds Expectations in; Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures. Those are top grades he was only one of twelve students able to make it to advanced Potions and Minerva McGonagall herself complimented Harry on his Transfiguration OWL. "I was pleased with your Transfiguration mark, Potter, very pleased." I understand that your trying to get across that Harry isn't perfect we get that but, your also not doing him justice which isn't fair.

It may also be fair to speculate that a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage production world tour would happen before a feature adaptation is made, and there hasn't been any official word of that happening anytime soon either (though Rowling did mention that if the demand is there, it'll tour). So for the time being, those who want to experience the magic that is the Cursed Child play -- and I'm almost convinced there are moments of actual magic taking place on stage because some of the special effects are pretty spectacular -- will have to get to London's Palace Theatre to see it, or wait for its expected Broadway arrival.

Potter essays

potter essays


potter essayspotter essayspotter essayspotter essays