Needham thesis china

I have been drawn to Eastern philosophy for more than half my life now. It was where I escaped to when I felt that the fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity I was raised to believe in had become a trap- in the sense that often times in evangelical churches you’re offered- and are expected to take- a prefab world view that dictates everything to the art you consume (no Harry Potter kids, he practices satanic magic) to the political party you support. And while I’m still drawn to it, I had to take a step back. I feel that as a westerner I had no context for *truly* understanding what I was reading. The lack of context allowed me to cherry pick the parts that I liked and to create an “Eastern” philosophy that no easterner would recognize. I took that step back after taking a few philosophy classes in college in which- much to my frustration- the professor would simply brush aside any references to non-western philosophy. In those classes I came to realize that I believe in objective morality, which is a hard concept to integrate into Eastern philosophy. Doesn’t jive with the ying and the yang my friend. So these days I see it as a tension between principles (western ideas of objectivity and fundamental rights) versus pragmatism (the Eastern concept of “with nature, against nature”)

On an aircraft, the rudder is a directional control surface along with the rudder-like elevator (usually attached to horizontal tail structure, if not a slab elevator ) and ailerons (attached to the wings) that control pitch and roll, respectively. The rudder is usually attached to the fin (or vertical stabilizer ) which allows the pilot to control yaw about the vertical axis, . change the horizontal direction in which the nose is pointing. The rudder's direction in aircraft since the "Golden Age" of flight between the two World Wars into the 21st century has been manipulated with the movement of a pair of counter-moving foot pedals by the pilot, while during the pre-1919 era rudder control was most often operated with by a center-pivoted, solid "rudder bar" which usually had pedal and/or stirrup-like hardware on its ends to allow the pilot's feet to stay close to the ends of the bar's rear surface.

Given its 50%+ market share in the fast growing mobile payments space, Ant Financial could be worth significantly more than $65 billion in a few years. Ant Fin currently has 50% market share in China’s rapidly growing 3P mobile payments space, and over 450 million annual active users and 150 million daily average users (much larger than the 200 million annual users for Paypal globally). Tenpay is No. 2 at 38% market share and should catch up a bit, but I believe the mobile payment space has enough runway for both Alibaba and Tencent to grow and take share. Ant Financial is currently the biggest contributor to value in Alibaba’s investment portfolio, worth currently about $8/share. I believe this will be conservative in a few years.

Needham thesis china

needham thesis china


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