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My collaborators and I, in our book Why the South Lost the Civil War, laid out our theory, which is that the South lost the Civil War because it didn’t really want to win badly enough. Defeat was ultimately due to a loss of collective will. But in other discussions with various learned groups, I’ve been induced to admit that in order for the Southern people to have a sufficient degree of will to win the war, they would have had to be a different people than they were. And so, in that sense, victory for the South was ultimately an impossibility.

Literary interpretation has found in the myth the structure and consequence of personal over-ambition. [17] [18] An Icarus-related study of the Daedalus myth was published by the French hellenist Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux . [19] In psychology there have been synthetic studies of the Icarus complex with respect to the alleged relationship between fascination for fire, enuresis , high ambition, and ascensionism. [20] In the psychiatric mind features of disease were perceived in the shape of the pendulous emotional ecstatic- high and depressive- low of bipolar disorder. Henry Murray having proposed the term Icarus complex , apparently found symptoms particularly in mania where a person is fond of heights, fascinated by both fire and water, narcissistic and observed with fantastical or far-fetched imaginary cognition. [21] [22]

Key is all arms and legs. The combination of his gangly frame with his awkward movement style has been confounding offensive tackles for two straight years now. Key's lean, thin legs foreshadow his inability to control the point of attack and anchor down against the run, but his NFL bread will ultimately be buttered by his ability to rush the passer. Key was allowed to rush as an outside linebacker last season and it really fits his rush style. With a unique ability to accelerate instantly off of lateral direction change, Key has created a devastating inside/out pass-rush move. He's a little more tight-hipped than expected and needs to shore up some of his wasted motion off the snap, but long edge rushers with consistent production (like Key) tend to be at the top of these types of lists.

Lance armstrong essays

lance armstrong essays


lance armstrong essayslance armstrong essayslance armstrong essayslance armstrong essays