Informative interpretive essay

For each analyte, separate entries for individual body fluids are included. Each body fluid entry contains clinical indications, reference intervals and/or interpretive information, and literature references. References have PMID numbers, which provide quick access to the various source materials in PubMed. Information should be interpreted with caution and in the context of the instrumentation used because the literature sources consist of studies across many decades, analyzers, and reagent formulations. All information should be viewed in the context of the patient’s clinical presentation. Body fluid tumor markers should NOT be used as sole evidence of malignancy for diagnostic purposes and should be reviewed in correlation with cytology, serum results, and other clinical evidence.

Solo  scriptura also undermines the legitimate ecclesiastical authority established by Christ. It negates the duty to submit to those who rule over you, because it removes the possibility of an authoritative teaching office in the Church. To place any kind of real hermeneutical authority in an elder or teacher undermines the doctrine of solo  scriptura . Those adherents of solo  scriptura who do have pastors and teachers to whom they look for leadership do so under the stipulation that the individual is to evaluate the leader’s teaching by Scripture first. What this means in practice is that the individual is to measure his teacher’s interpretation of Scripture against his own interpretation of Scripture. The playing field is leveled when neither the ecumenical creeds nor the Church has any more authority than the individual believer, but Christ did not establish a level playing field. He did not establish a democracy. He established a Church in which men and women are given different gifts, some of which involve a special gift of teaching and leading. These elders have responsibility for the flock and a certain authority over it. Scripture would not call us to submit to those who had no real authority over us (Heb 13:17; Acts 20:28). 63

Informative interpretive essay

informative interpretive essay


informative interpretive essayinformative interpretive essayinformative interpretive essayinformative interpretive essay