Essay on condition of health services in india

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The women were permitted to have personal property in the form of jeweler and clothing. The Arthashastra permits women to have money up to 2000 silver panas. The amounts in excess of this limit were held by the husband as a trust on behalf of the wife . The property of women could be used by the husband only in case of dire necessity. He could also exercise check on his wife if she want only to give away her property. After the death of a woman the property passed to the daughters (not to the husband or the sons). When there were no sons, the widow inherited the property of the husband .

 The first type of visual literacy is one restricted to the recognition of familiar things. This is a literacy based on fixed definitions, control, order and efficiency, the kind of ‘reading’ that takes place when we observe street signs, look at maps or watch the nightly news. This action is something we do all the time, a passive decoding that allows us to manage our day to day lives, particularly as responsible adults, to recognise relationships between things and events as efficiently as possible. However, this kind of ‘closed reading’ can go too far to the extent that it makes alternatives invisible, and anything unfamiliar is dismissed as foreign, useless and unwelcome. Thus we have the “Federal Department of Odds and Ends”, a concrete building without windows into which anything strange, miscellaneous or otherwise challenging - outside the familiar prescriptions of recognition - is conveniently “swept under the carpet” once the correct forms have been filled in. Meaning is a function of bureaucracy, and literacy is there to measure prescribed value; does this ring any bells in our own social and political universe?

Essay on condition of health services in india

essay on condition of health services in india


essay on condition of health services in indiaessay on condition of health services in indiaessay on condition of health services in indiaessay on condition of health services in india