Dissertations on physical assessment

Tamayo Lorenzo PA. Descentralizacion y financiacion de la asistencia sanitaria publica en Espana: un estudio desde la perspectiva de la equidad [Decentralization and financing of public health assistance in Spain: a study from the perspective of equality] [dissertation]. Madrid: Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia; 1999. Tabla , Resumen de los resultados de los estudios evaluados, en terminos de necesidad para cada comunidad autonoma [Table , Summary of the results of the evaluated studies, in terms of need for each independent community]; p. 238. Spanish.

Title :   Police Unions:  An Empirical Examination
Author :  Colleen Kadleck, .

Title :   Personality and Criminal Behavior: Reconsidering the Individual
Author :  Shelley Johnson-Listwan, .

Title :   Understanding Female Desistance From Crime: Exploring Theoretical and Empirical Relationships
Author :  Elaine Gunnison, .

Title :   Integrity, Legitimacy, Efficiency, and Impact: Do All These Matter in the Civilian Review of the Police
Author :  Melchor de Guzman, .

Title :   Assessing the Relative Effect of Macro-Level Predictors of Crime: A Meta-Analysis
Author :  Travis Pratt, .

The amount of young men and women who are dissatisfied with their bodies and which have distorted body image is great in the contemporary America, as evidenced by the recent research, conducted by Mintz & Kashubeck in 1999. Those researchers claim that the negative body image leads to the development of various eating disorders, such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia nervosa, and to excessive dieting and exercising that influences badly the health of the nation’s youth. The hypothesis exists that there are four key factors that influence the body image dissatisfaction in young adults and adolescents. Those are: self-esteem, family pressure, gender, and media influence. (Gleason, Alexander, & Somers, 2000; Heinberg & Thompson, 1995). In this paper we are going to explore the influence of the media factor on forming negative body image among children, adolescents and adults. Continue reading →

Dissertations on physical assessment

dissertations on physical assessment


dissertations on physical assessmentdissertations on physical assessmentdissertations on physical assessmentdissertations on physical assessment