Dissertation student debt

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Great post – no surprise! I’m loving getting to know this blog- so many areas and aspects and sooo helpful (no jobs yet, but in making me *see* things as they really are, including myself!).
I am ABD and about a year ago I made the ‘transformation’ and invested some money in nicer clothes, shoes and got a smart haircut. I felt completely uncomfortable at first, because if you are in the sciences and look around, the dress code is jeans and a t-shirt. There aren’t many female faculty to observe on appropriate (and comfortable) clothes. BUT, eventually I got used to it, and I recommend it for anyone who is a year out from graduating to at least try to dress up more than just for conferences to get a feel for what you can handle.

Dissertation student debt

dissertation student debt


dissertation student debtdissertation student debtdissertation student debtdissertation student debt