Dental hygiene scholarship essays

Most dental hygienists will work in general dental practices or within the public health service. The opportunity to teach or become involved in research exists with some further education. The opportunity to work abroad exists but may require you to sit some local examinations in the country of choice. Citizens of the EU who graduate from an EU dental school may practice anywhere in the EU, occasionally there is some paper work to be completed. Discussion are currently at an advanced stage in relation to dental hygienists practicing independently, this would widen the opportunity for the dental hygienist to work in the community especially in areas currently somewhat neglected such as hospital, hospice and institutional settings.

The Dental Hygiene Suite first opened its doors in June 2016 and was founded by Catherine Owers and Leon Leondiades. We offer a dedicated direct access dental hygiene service that is available to all, whether “walking in off the street”, by appointment or on a referral basis by your dentist.

We offer a great new flexible, caring and efficient dental cleaning service where you can now book an appointment with a dental hygienist without the need to visit a dentist first. This means that you are able to continue to see your NHS/ private dentist as normal elsewhere and visit us for your dental hygiene appointments (cosmetically or for the treatment of gum disease).

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Dental hygiene scholarship essays

dental hygiene scholarship essays


dental hygiene scholarship essaysdental hygiene scholarship essaysdental hygiene scholarship essaysdental hygiene scholarship essays